4K4A2320Hello, my name is Patricia, but you can call me Patty. I am very passionate about herbal medicine, essential oils and natural living. I love making my own body care supplies, my remedies and even my cleaning supplies. I was born in Brazil and raised in the United States where I live with my husband, my son and my two pets: Bella the Persian and Speedy the Corgi. We live in Union, a beautiful town in New Jersey. As a dedicated daughter of God, I am very grateful to Him for helping me enjoy my life to the fullest.

I am a certified doula, someone who gives help and support to pregnant women, during pregnancy, birth and after the baby is born. I fell in love with doula work when I had my son. I had decided to have a natural birth without any medicine and I couldn’t have done it without my doula Valerie. She helped me throughout the whole process, providing me important information so I could make informed decisions about what I wanted for my childbirth. She successfully helped me become educated to reach my goal. With Valerie and my loving family by my side, my dream came true. My beautiful son Adam was born naturally!!! An experience that we will never forget.


After my son was born, I felt a strong need to help other women have the birth they dream of and not a “got lucky” birth. Unfortunately, many women are scared, they think it’s impossible, and they forget that God intended birth to be a natural rite of passage. He made our bodies perfect for that.

So, I love educating women to empower themselves and to conquer their childbirth dream, just as I was empowered to conquer mine. I’ve learned that during childbirth a woman is at her most vulnerable but also at her most powerful. She becomes this lioness, and I want women to believe in that. That they are beautiful and they can do whatever they set their hearts to.

In late 2016 I was at my best professionally and worst in my personal and health life. In the rush and busyness of life, sprinkled with some self neglect, I found myself in deep severe depression. I had suffered with general anxiety and panic attacks since my childhood, but never like this. My mind and body froze, for days I wasn’t able to eat, talk, exist. Fear consumed me. I found help, my life changed, my marriage changed, my family changed, I changed.

I am a new person now, I know my limits, I push them, but I also respect them. And in the midst of the storm, I found the light. My savior Jesus, brought a community, friends and Young Living into my life. Essencial Oils were an extremely important part in my recovery and of my new life, I have learned so much I decided to bring it to my clients as well. And today I am growing a business with young living, helping not only women, but their entire families find wellness, happiness, health. Helping them take charge of their lives again.

Young Living Essential Oils have changed my life and my family.

I believe in helping others find whatever it is they are looking for with empowerment and love.