Placenta Encapsulation

PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION is the process of steaming, dehydrating, grounding, and placing it into pills to maximize your postpartum recovery. The placenta nourishes & sustains life for your baby during your pregnancy and contains many unique properties to enhance postpartum healing and recovery.patty and placenta

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using the placenta for centuries to treat fatigue and enhance milk production.  Now this custom can be offered to you as an aid in your own healing process. Research shows that the placenta retains hormones and nutrients after delivery,  including progesterone, estradiol, CRH, vitamin B6, iron, prolactin, oxytocin, and Placenta Opioid Enhancing Factor.

Taking your placenta either raw in smoothies or by having it encapsulated can help balance and replace hormones, aids in a rapid postpartum recovery, reduce the chance of the “baby blues”, increase and enhance milk production, increase energy level, lessen potential bleeding, left over capsules and/or placenta tincture can be taken to relieve stress in other life transitions, outside of the postpartum period including menopause.


-Placenta Capsules (with dosage instructions)

-Placenta Tincture  (2oz amber glass bottle with dropper.)

-Breastfeeding Counseling (at home or in hospital)

-Placenta Print (whenever possible)

-Umbilical Cord Keepsake (whenever possible)

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-Pick-up and Drop-off  (home or hospital)

-Smoothies Kit (Frozen cubes of YOUR placenta, with organic  frozen berries, mango, baby spinach, and banana. All ready and packaged to be blended with coconut water or juice of choice. Choice of 3 or 7 smoothies.)

-Perineum Healing Sitz Bath Blend (Organic herbs blend speeds up the healing process by boosting blood flow and soothe irritation. Helps speed up recovery of tearing  and hemorrhoids without the need of conventional medication.)

-Placenta Healing Balm  (organic balm made with YOUR placenta powder and infused herbal oils for cuts, tears, itchiness and rashes.)

-Mama’s Pick me Up Tincture  (1oz. Addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of a mother who has the baby blues or postpartum depression.)

-Vital Fire Tincture  (1oz. Pain relieving herb blend that contains salicylic acid, the precursor to our modern day aspirin.)



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